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Josh Pugh

Originally not aired on ??/??/????

Today was the season finale of “Comedians In Edinburgh Getting Chai Lattes” and as I sit here writing this over one final solitary Chai Latte, extremely high levels of both pride and caffeine course through my body.

Two weeks ago I had a dream. That dream was about the time I pooed myself in year 5, but when I woke up I had the idea to do this podcast. I haven’t looked back since.

In the last fortnight, I’ve had the honour to speak to some of the people I most admire and respect in the industry. Apart from the episode with Harvey Hawkins, every chat I had was deep and interesting, giving me a glimpse of what it means to be a comic. And the best part is: not a single word of it was recorded.

But although you can’t go back and listen to any of those conversations, I think the success of the podcast speaks for itself.

It’s so easy to feel gloomy at the Fringe, to sit here at the end of it all and think, “What the fuck was that all about?” But if you’d offered me this experience a month ago, I’d have bitten your hand off. In fact, I’d be chewing up your forearm, devouring your flesh, mercilessly tearing you to pieces with my teeth, breaking you apart bone-by-bone.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: don’t come to me with mystical offers about my future, because I WILL eat you.

What’s made doing this show so exciting is that no one could’ve predicted it. And I don’t wanna know what comes next, I just wanna keep riding this wave.

But anyway, one last time, let’s do this...

For the final episode, we had Josh Pugh. Josh was the first guest I had on the podcast and it seems only right that he’s the final one.

Probably the person I most look up to in the circuit, it’s always a privilege to sit down with Josh. On the first episode we did there was a lot of joking and banter, but this time I wanted to see what was below the surface, find out more about Josh as a person. I just couldn’t work out what questions to ask.

“Can you show me how to get deeper inside of you, Josh?”

“Gladly, Eric.”

Josh then proceeded to open up for me and let me inside. In the interest of privacy, I can’t divulge any details of what happened next. However, I want to end the season with a thank you to Josh.

It’s out of character for me to be sincere, but Josh is a real role-model for me. He works hard every day, produces really funny and original stand-up, and rarely moans about anything. Josh said he’d try and get a special guest for my last show, and then risked his reputation and dignity by asking every TV name he knew to come on the podcast. They all said no, but just the fact that he tried for me meant a lot. Josh has always supported and encouraged me, and that’s much more important than whether he can book me Mark Watson. 

So – thanks Josh, you’re a great guy. I just hope I remember you when I inevitably surpass you on the ladder.

Anyway guys, that’s about it.

Thanks for the memories xxx

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