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George Rigden

Originally not aired on ??/??/????

George William Rigden featured in today’s episode of “Comedians In Edinburgh Getting Chai Lattes”.

George is a fantastic musical comedian with bags of potential. He is doing his debut hour this year in Edinburgh, and to say it’s a great show would be a statement. If he gets his head down, in a few years' time he could feasibly be making a very modest living from comedy.

A lot of people don’t like musical comedy, but fortunately for George he only has a fairly small room to fill every night and he is almost doing that.

We discussed how our tendency to hide behind our comedic personas in real life will ultimately be our downfall and destroy any meaningful relationships we make. Just as we find happiness, we will search for reasons to abandon it, preferring an agonising yet more familiar sadness, trading in a life of emotional connection for comfortable isolation, finding brief moments of pleasure in the laughter of strangers.

Lovely chat! X

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