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Binty Blair  

Originally not aired on ??/??/????

Today’s episode of “Comedians In Edinburgh Getting Chai Lattes” featured a big industry name.

Binty Blair, co-founder of the world famous Hot Water Comedy Club, joined me for a riveting off-mic chat.

Hot Water is Liverpool’s first purpose built comedy club and I have had the pleasure of smashing it to pieces many many times. Packed every night and full of atmosphere, it’s the perfect place for a new comic to cut their teeth (those scousers are violent lol).

By far the most handsome guest on the podcast so far, Binty’s peng physique made conducting the interview very sexually frustrating. Despite being scorching hot, Binty doesn’t just rely on his looks. Funny, charming, intelligent — there aren’t enough words in the English language to do this guy justice.

“Eric, no matter how much you lick my arse, I’m not gonna book you for weekends.”

“Hahahahaha, what a funny thing to say… how about a weekend spot in September?”

“I have to go now, Eric.”

Great guy.

See you next time! X

P.S. For personal reasons, involving the filing of a lawsuit from my ex-intern Darren, I will be taking a few days off from the show. I’ll be back on Wednesday to bring you more boundary-pushing content.

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