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Scarlett Dobson

Originally not aired on ??/??/????

Quick question: in Edinburgh, do we watch Fringe shows, or do Fringe shows watch us?


Something to think about init.


I’m not even being ironic. Is ironic the right word? But I mean like I’m not writing with that tone I write with where I’m mocking the idea of saying something profound. You know – classic Eric Rushton. I’m properly being sincere this time. Sometimes when a show is so well written, you can feel “seen” by it, if that makes sense? You can feel like it taps into your concerns: the way it explores class, discussing how underrepresented working-class people are in an arts festival that prides itself on showcasing the “fringe” of society; the way it deep dives into a personal story of heartbreak, teasing out lessons about the importance of self-love; and finally, the way it wraps things up with a positive vision for the future while at the same time managing to be fucking funny.


I’m still reeling from what I saw, and that’s why I’m proud to introduce today’s guest Scarlett Dobson, who sat next to me during James Meehan’s show, Never Better.


“That was great, do you think you could ever do anything that good, Scarlett?”


“Well, I’ve actually got a show up here as well,” she replied.


“That’s cool. Anyway, I really loved how he was unafraid to explore personal stuff that most people would be too embarrassed to admit. I just wish more people were doing stuff like this.”


“Yeah, I know what you mean,” she said. “In my show, I’ve got a bit about when I was in my early 20’s and—“

“And the whole framing of it,” I said, keeping the interview on track, “with the dating profiles – it really added structure but without being over the top and overly contrived. You know what I mean?”


Scarlett sighed. I imagine she was sad that the show was over and that we’ll never get that experience of watching it for the first time again. I could feel her pain.


“Do you fancy coming to my show tonight?” she said. “It’s got a lot of stuff about relationships that I think you might like.”


Not quite understanding her joke, I moved on swiftly.


“Do you know that’s only his third solo show? I can’t wait to see what he does next year.”


“Eric,” she said. “When are you gonna ask a question about me? I thought that’s what this was.”

“Oh… right… ermm… how long have you been doing comedy for?”


“Around two years?”


“Cool. Right, shall we wrap this thing up?” I asked.


“Okay… could you at least do a plug at the end of the interview?”



Scarlett left, and all that was left for me to do was to write the podcast up and do that plug.

James Meehan’s show Never Better is on at 6pm every day at Cabaret Voltaire in the main room. Can’t recommend it enough!


See you next time! X

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