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Possible Worlds

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

According to scientists And philosophers and that We’re talking Brian Cox and stuff There might be other possible worlds

So like, if something’s possible Then there’s a world where it’s happening

Do you get me?

So there’s a world where England won last year’s world cup And where Trump isn’t president And where Brexit isn’t happening And where Brexit is happening but it’s ACTUALLY happening Not this weird limbo we’re in

There’s even a world where Trump and Brexit aren’t overused crutches in comedy But, unfortunately, it’s not this one

Basically, anything you could think of Is happening in one of these worlds

So that means As well as this world Where I love you so much Where you’re my everything Where you’re all I think about Day and night And afternoon And evening And what else… Mid-afternoon, I guess? I’m not sure how these parts of the day overlap Let’s just say 24/7 to make sure I’ve got all bases covered Where your touch is all I long for And your smell And your lips Vaginal and mouth ones And where my life seems meaningless without you But you insist on keeping it meaningless Because you don’t feel the same way

There’s another world One where you DO love me Where I’m YOUR everything Where you think about ME 24/7 Where you want me in your heart NEED me in your heart, even Need me in your ass Okay ignore that last line Sorry But there’s a world Where you’re proper into me And couldn’t bear to live without me

And in that world I’ll tell you to go fuck yourself


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